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J.T. White


I have been working in the dental lab industry since high school where I learned model work and got to pour up impressions for my Dad. He has been a dentist in the Tulsa area my whole life, and his experience has helped me understand crown and bridge restorations from the dentist’s perspective. I also got to learn how to scan, design and mill with one of the first Sirona Cerec chair-side systems when I was 17 and began making same day crowns as well! Now, seeing how far the industry has come in the digital world and being able to do model-less screw-retained crowns with many dentists using the same technology is absolutely amazing!


This modern digital workflow has allowed me the opportunity to operate a smaller, fast-paced, more efficient dental lab while still producing quality restorations from a vast selection of affordable restorative options.

My experience throughout the digital dentistry revolution has allowed me to better serve dentists and their patients who are interested in going with a digital workflow. I have over 15 years experience using the Cerec, and 8 years with Planmeca chair-side systems. Since opening White Smiles Dental Lab in 2013 and having an “In-House Lab”, I have gained over 8 years of vital chair-side experience. I have helped multiple offices with set-up and trained them on how to use the scanners, as well as tips on how to stain and glaze. Getting to work so closely with the dentists and patients has helped me to create the most beautiful smiles possible for each patient that I have had the good fortune to serve.  I also worked in a larger commercial lab for 6 years, this helped me to acquire the skills and knowledge of crown and bridge work from all aspects start to finish.

J.T. White Dental Scan

I firmly believe that good planning, execution, and communication from the very start of the lab’s fabrication process will help guarantee a successful outcome. That is why I take pride in giving personal hands-on attention to every step of the restoration fabrication. I can therefore assume personal responsibility for the quality of restorations and the dentist can be assured the I stand behind my work. I also recognize how important it is to be able to communicate openly with the dentist to help them deliver optimum dentistry to their patients. My favorite part about this industry is how digital technology has improved Cad/Cam milling and enabled 3D printing to also become commonplace.

J.T. White and Family

  I am a Tulsa native and have lived here my whole life. I have been blessed to share my life with a wonderful family that continue to inspire me every day!


When I am not working at the lab, I love spending time with my wife, Mandy and son Owen. We enjoy going to church together, game night with family and friends, sports, fishing, and being outdoors. 

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