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one-hour CROWN

We are excited to be able to offer the very best digital process to your patients by maximizing the use of any intra-oral scanner and our lab’s milling capabilities.


With the modern technology we have available; we can offer the most affordable, state-of-the-art restoration in just “One-Hour”!

Tooth scan


Only ONE appointment needed!

No more gooey, messy impressions!

Impression scanning can be more accurate and faster than traditional impressions!

Less patient transmission and sanitation cleanup!

Less chair-side time, labor, and impression material costs!

No temporaries needed... on the weekend!

Faster insurance payments!

Patients love the new modern technology!

Personal training provided!



Any digital file using an

intra-oral scanner for impressions will be accepted!


Only offices located within a

10 mile radius of White Smiles Dental Lab are currently eligible for this special service.

How it works

  • Click here to set up your desired appointment time through our web-based scheduling system.

    • After setting up your office account details, just select your desired start time for your hour time slot that the digital scan is estimated to be sent to our lab. (Please try and schedule the digital impression to be sent within the first 30 minutes of the start time.)

  • Schedule multiple patients for one day or add more units for one patient.

    • If adding more units (max 8), another one-hour time slot should be reserved.

  • Just send the scan through the connect portal (Cerec) or email the file directly to

    • Dropbox, ShareFile, and etc. can be used as well.

  • Once scan is received and approved, a crown will be fabricated within one hour and delivered back to your office.

    • Zirconia crowns can be requested but the processing time is three hours.

  • This great service is currently available to book on Monday - Thursdays (8am - 4pm), and Fridays (8am - 12pm) per “first to reserve” the spot. However, if there are any openings in the schedule during the current week of operation, the time slot can be booked anytime (Monday-Friday) per an “on-call” basis.



Schedule a time slot or call White Smiles Dental Lab for more information on how we can offer this great service to your patients today!

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